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finally :) Jan. 14th, 2008 @ 11:22 pm
Below you will find a wide assortment of pictures bringing you through the last few months of my life in brief. I hope you enjoy the snapshot and notice the absence of tonight's pictures. I will get them off the camera tomorrow. I spent hours this evening making a braise of shortribs which is tender and flavorful. I also spent some time trying out the new ramekins I got for xmas. I made some chocolate souffles with creme anglaise. They didnt turn out quite as nice as I would have liked (though they tasted awesome!) so I will endeavor to make the perfect souffle over the next couple months. Bacon souffle harli? Maple creme anglaise? Ill shuttle my ramekins up there next visit.

Pictures to follow soon.

On a miscellaneous note... Jan. 14th, 2008 @ 11:18 pm
Nubber's nose

Nubbers has a cute nose. I miss that cat.

Meat locker beat down

If you are going to come hard you better be prepared to bring it and I guess amber wasn't. This is what goes down in the meat locker.

cool cats

Andrew and I were pretty suave.


And now what you have all been waiting for. If you've never seen a wild Napicus spp. Nape (Napicus nape) here you go. This is the one and only NAPE!

Jan. 14th, 2008 @ 11:08 pm
Mushroom Hunting

This is the end of the mushroom hunt with out intrepid explorers out near...our secret spot...up off the 101 North. We didn't find many mushrooms but had a great time wandering around the moss covered woods and picking at things.

Harli and the plums

I found out we had a plum tree in the yard when a storm knocked a branch off and katie said "a branch fell off the plum tree." I replied "You mean the apple tree or the pear tree. We have two trees in the yard and those are them." Turns out we had a HUGE plum tree behind the garage that I had never seen all my time living in the house. We picked a ton of plums and then we made a 2 gallon batch of "sour plumme jamme" which was canned and actually went very fast amongst friends, parents and landlords...argh!

Oh Joe...TEABAG!

Joe is doing what he often does and paying the price for it. As I recall he wasn't very happy about this experience.

NY Strip Night and garden meal Humboldt Jan. 14th, 2008 @ 11:04 pm
NY Strip

This first picture is me displaying the mighty 15 pound or something I can't remember pound NY Strip Loin which was subsequently butchered into massive steaks. Joe and I hovered around 18 ounces while the rest of the house went for 12-13 oz steaks.

Salad and Friends

Our German potato salad with assorted beverages to get us in the mood to eat large steaks and enjoy a warm Humboldt summer.

Trimming Lightly

Finally this is myself Trimming up the strip oh so very lightly to still leave a thick and juicy fat cap on for the grill.

Basil, Basil and MORE Basil Jan. 14th, 2008 @ 10:53 pm

No one reads this journal anymore, but that probably largely has to do with the frequency I post. Well I relocated down to San Diego in September and this is just a tony snapshot of the basil I tore out of the garden and made into pesto. I forgot to take pictures of the gardens this season but there was 5 foot tall basil plants growing out of control much of the season.
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» I'm BAAAACk...again
Just wanted to send a qucik message out to let you all know that I've just posted a rather lengthly description in the FooD Nyah Nyah community of a recent dinner we had up here in Humboldt. I hope you enjoy it :)
» I deliver the hits that give the kids with the spectacles fantastical fits
It happens to be Wednesday morning and if I keep putting off my getting around it just may become Wednesday afternoon before I get ready for class. Last Thursday we had a group meeting and met with our chef for St. Andrew's. After the meeting I was elected group leader so now IM IN CHARGE. Well not really, but I do get a fancy little gold pin to wear.

Friday we had a double graduation (AOS AND BPS) and I worked both of em. Went to work on Saturday and plaed a game of Final Fantasy 1. Then I went to work on Sunday and played some more. Ive gotten really far. Ive got two of the orbs relit and have the slab so Im well on my way to getting the third one. I guess Ill just have to wait until this saturday at work.

Monday we had a down day, which was nice, especially since we got to play some disc golf. The course is over 35 miles away and is nice, but no morley field. We also ended up with ten people going which was kind of insane. I felt like that part in the martial arts movie when the ninjas are first training and starting to get good and you just see shot after shot of them all throwing stars or shooting arrows and they all hit the target. Well that's what it was like when we got near the basket. The sound of chains was no longer all that sweet after 18 holes. And there was no waiting for others to throw so more than likely there would be some guy standing right in front of the basket when you were trying to put. Or if not some guy, then some 4-5 guys. I managed to do well actually and pulled off mostly bogeys and several pars. This was pretty good considering that some of the holes are 650ft away (yds maybe, I dont know). I know that one crazy hole ten at morley when they change it is only 492 so you can imagine the scope of thise course.

Tuesday, that was yesterday. I started in the restaurants. Im in St. Andrew's cafe on the pizza station with erik. We have two people on the pizza station and I was looking at the sales mix for last week. If Im not mistaken, we sold 8 pizzas TOTAL last week. It could have been 8% of the sales mix (ill have to check today), but even then, with ~60 covers that would still only be maybe 5 pizzas a night. SO we had a ton of leftover chicken for us to use on the pizzas and since we do a pizza of the day every day, we decided to do a hot wing sauce with roquefort cheese and bunoised celery. It's gonna be delicious. Well, back to my rambling point. Yesterday was our first day, although today is really our first day of ala carte service since yesterday we had a banquet. We did alot of standing around yesterday because we have 15 people. THe banquet was for 80 people, but they were an hour and a half late and when they were seated there were only 35 of them. So we start today. Im having fun, but hearing the horror stories of the guys over in Caterina (the restaurant where Im going to be in 6 more days) Im cringing. These guys went to class at 12:30 in the afternoon and got out at 1am. They were all dead and were just yelled at by chef for over ten hours. The chef is a little guy who drives 2 hours from the bronx every day and drives 2 hours home every day. Im not too excited.

SO far Im here in st. andy's for seven days, then seven days back of the house in Caterina. After that I do three weeks front of the house caterina. Post those, I go into the big time restaurants (Escoffier room) and do three weeks front and three weeks back of the house. Then I graduate. So for all those who I havent enthusiastically told, I graduate Dec 2nd and will be done with my culinary schooling. MY GPA keeps getting it's job done and Im retooling my resume. I just need to rewrite my purpose and cover letter specific for restaurant 301, but I have the entire resume redone besides that.

By the way, has anyone every listened to some of MC Frontalot's music when I send you links and post about him? www.frontalot.com So check him out if you havent because he has just released his First album entitles "Nerdcore Rising." It's a great album, and if I think he sacraficed a little bit of flow on a few songs to make it easier for people to understand him, who am I? Still a very good album and Im glad I have it. You guys can't really argue with it only being 12 dollars. Go, buy an album, listen to some music and support the Front. This is how the guy buys his food and all, well listen to his first single posted on the site "Charity case"

Gotta go get ready for class. Hope everything goes well today.



"Frontalot Needs Food Badly"
» NerdCore Hip Hop, other rappers want to be
Hey Ya'll, thought you'd want to hear the good news such as MC Frontalot is releasing his first album 'Nerdcore Rising' This month. PAX is this weekend in WA and when the Front returns to NY, he will be sending his fronting via mail to me post haste. Check out the Front at www.frontalot.com where you can download ALL of his songs and read all of his (sometimes) highly intelligent lyrics. If you are interested in purchasing Front stickers, the new CD or T-shirts, please visit
http://www.frontalot.com/store.html. They have a new "girlie T" which looks pretty nice, which I vote amanda is forced to wear although others are free to purchase Front T-Shirts as I have done in the past. Well, that's enough out of me about MC Frontalot for now, but check this ish out and enjoy then get into the Front ASAP.

I'm on Stage (banquet and catering) right now. Ive got two days left of table service and the first five days were a mixture of difficulties and much easier times than I imagined. It's hard to hold a billion plates, flatware and food in your left hand (especially if your left hand is about as useful as a dying fish). It is also much easier to setup a dining room for table service than I imagined. I mean I can wander around and make sure that table settings look identical for hours and set out a fork where one is missing forever. It's not a big deal. Ive had no table service experience prior to this, but it seems to be working well. Im just being nice to the kids and catering to their every need. Also I use the words Sir and Maam quite a bit.

That's it, Im done for the evening.

» Terminus
Wines is over and I can't say that I don't wish it still went on. There is so much that we failed to cover in these three weeks, and to be honest with you, Im not going to be too happy about going to class and not being able to try eleven wines Ive never had before in my life that day.

The good news is that I passed wines and even better, I got a 97% in the class. See what hard work and determination do for you? Well anyway, off to celebrate, but I thought I'd let my friends know how I did (those of you who care how I did in my wines class) and I lookd forward to popping a bottle of inexpensive portuguese or Spanish wine with my friends as I sit down to lunch in my new home up north (providing I get the job). Plans are in the works to retool my resume with my extern and wines experience, gather some reccomendations and send them all on up to Restaurant 301 in Eureka California.

Hope everyone's week was less stressful than mine, with an equally blissful outcome.
» On a Wednesday afternoon
Hello everybody!

I'm out early from my wines class as all we did today was take out Italy/Spain/Portugal test, go over it and then review a bit for the final.

I managed a 29/30 on this test, giving me a delightful little 98.5% in the class before the final (35%), the paper (10%) and the teacher option points (5%) So there is room for me to fall, but the final is only 70 questions, multiple choice and it's open book. The first three tests were closed book and I missed three questions total. Im feeling pretty good now, and not nearly as bad about missing one question as I was about the two on the previous test.

Tomorrow we don't have class and just eat lunch in Saint Andrew's cafe here on campus. Then we write a paper about the lunch, the wines and our preferred wines given the option of choosing anything. I guess why we chose them will have a great affect on how he grades us. Here's the menu we are going to have for lunch tomorrow, in case anyone want's to know:

Toast: Brut, Glenora, Finger Lakes, NY non-vintage

Gazpacho with crabmeat
-Moscofilero, Boutari, Mantinia, Greece 2004
-Rosado, "Faustino V," Faustino-Martinez, Rioja, Spain 2003

Grilled Pork Loin, summer bean medley, demi-glace and cous cous
-Rully, premier cru, Leflaive, Cote Chalonnaise, Burgundy, France 2002
-Grenache, "Clos de Gilroy," Bonny Doon, CA 2002

Fresh Berries, Dark chocolate and vanilla gelato
-Reisling kabinett, Erdener-Treppehen, Dr. Loosen, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Germany 2003
-Brachetto D'Acqui, "Rosa Regale," Banfi, Peidmont, Italy 2003

Rolls and Butter
Coffee and Tea

So between now and Friday at 1:30 when I can find out my final grade in the class I will be STUDYING, STUDYING a bit more, worrying, and STUDYING. Oh yeah, I guess I should write the paper that is ten percent of my grade. Well, hope you all enjoy the look and the update. Ill post again Friday afternoon for sure.
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